How to plan an individual minor in the PlanApp?

You can use the Osiris PlanApp to plan your study programme and to request approval for your electives. Planning a minor can be done in the PlanApp via the Course Catalogue and Plan Later. For a detailed explanation on how to plan a pre-made minor, go to the manual How to plan a minor in the PlanApp?.

It is also possible to add an Individual Minor in Osiris. However, this combination of courses cannot have a custom title in Osiris ánd will not be mentioned on your diploma. You could always mention your minor on your CV!
Tip: Ask for advice at the Student Career Centre on how to create a nice CV. When you think you have very good reasons to still include an Individual Minor in your electives, then first discuss this with your study advisor and then use the following manual.

BE AWARE to always save your plan in between changes and before you close the PlanApp.
In order to make your study plan definite, you need to request approval for your electives. For information on how to request approval for your electives, see the manual How to request approval for electives?

This manual describes how to plan an individual minor in the PlanApp

1. If you wish to set up several courses as an individual minor, you first have to add these courses separately as electives in the PlanApp.

- When following an individual minor composed of WUR courses you can easily plan them in the PlanApp. How to add a course in the PlanApp is described in this manual How to plan a course in the PlanApp?
- When following an individual minor composed of courses from another university plan these courses by following this manual How to plan electives from another university?

2. If you wish to set up several courses as an individual minor, you have to add a motivation for this in the Explanation box or by adding a document via the ATTACH FILE button while requesting approval for your electives.

3. The examining board approves your electives as separate courses and mentions in the field of approval whether they agree with your request for an individual minor.

After completion

When you successfully completed all courses of the individual minor, you ask the examining board whether your approved individual minor can be added in Osiris by sending them an email with your study advisor in the cc field.

BE AWARE: When the grades of the courses in your individual minor are your last grades before graduation, it is important that you inform the examining board about your request of administration of your individual minor immediately when you receive your grades.

- For an individual minor which is composed out of WUR courses, you can email your request to the examining board directly after the last test of the courses belonging to your individual minor.
- For external courses, you can send your request to the examining board when the SSC has received your transcript of records from the institution where you followed the courses. How to inform SSC about your transcript of records is described at the following website:

The individual minor can be entered in Osiris during the graduation process. However, it is not possible anymore after you graduated.