How to plan a flexible programme?

You can use the Osiris PlanApp to plan your individual study programme and to request approval for your electives. This includes planning a flexible programme. A flexible programme, however, has to be planned differently than other programmes. So, please read this manual carefully.

This manual describes how to plan a flexible programme. If you consider a flexible programme please consult your study advisor.

1. In consultation with your study advisor, you can design a flexible programme in accordance with the regulations stated here:

2. When you are satisfied with the drafted flexible programme, your programme can be submitted for approval to the Examining Board by e-mail via your study advisor. This e-mail should include an overview of all courses in your planned flexible progamme, including:

  • Course code (without score)
  • Course name
  • Amount of ECTS
  • When you plan to do the course OR a result (if already achieved).

A sample document can be found here:

3. When your flexible programme is approved by the Examining Board, you will be linked to a flexible in Osiris Student by the Examining Board. If you also want to see your programme in the PlanApp, please make a new draft in the PlanApp. How to make a new draft is explained in this manual How to use the draft function in the PlanApp?

NOTE: As a student with a flexible programme, you do not have electives. This means you do not need to request approval for your electives in order to be able to graduate.

NOTE: As a student with a flexible programme, you cannot enrol yourself for a minor and/or a specialisation. Of course, you are able to follow courses of a minor and/or specialisation. However, no subtitles or subheading will be shown on your diploma (supplement). After completion of the courses of the minor education you are entitled to receive a certificate (“onderwijsbevoegdheid”), please remind the minor coordinator and SSC if this is the case.

NOTE: When you want to amend your already fixed flexible programme, you should contact your study advisor and the Examining Board. According to arrangement 2.4 in link to the document in step 1.