How to disenrol from a course, test or specialisation?

You may decide (for whatever reason) that you no longer want to participate in a course, test or specialisation you are enrolled in. You can then disenrol yourselves from this course, test or specialisation via Osiris.

You can disenrol from a specialisation at any moment. For courses, you can disenrol yourself until the registration deadline for the period has passed. For tests, you can disenrol yourself until the final unenrolment date for tests has passed. The final unenrolment date for tests per period can be found on the following website:

After the final unenrolment date for tests it is no longer possible to be disenrolled from a course or test officially. However, if you no longer wish to participate in a course or test, please send an e-mail to the course coordinator.

It is necessary to disenrol from a test in time if you want to avoid problems with the 'Harde Knip'. If you disenrol for the test before the registration deadline, the test will not count as followed because of the 'Harde Knip'. For more information on rules and regulations (page 6 & 7):

This manual describes how to disenrol yourself from a course, test or specialisation

1. Click on Enrol in the home screen
or enter the menu bar and click on Enrol


3. Click on the course you want to unsubscribe for.

NOTE: An overview of the course, test and specialisation enrolments are shown on this page. This manual describes an example of how to disenrol from a course. The same procedures apply for a test or specialisation.


NOTE: The details of the selected course, for example the period in which the course is given and the amount of ECTS, are shown on the right side of the screen.

A pop-up screen will appear as a check whether you really want to disenrol from the course.

5. Click on OK

NOTE: You are now disenrolled from the course. On the bottom of the screen, a notification is given that you've been successfully disenrolled from the course.