How to enrol in a specialisation?

When your study programme has specialisations, you must enrol in at least 1 specialisation. You can enrol in a specialisation yourself.

Only under certain conditions, it is not possible to enrol in a specialisation. This can be for various reasons, mainly because you have an approved proposal for electives in the PlanApp. You should therefore enrol for a specialisation -when part of your program- prior to submitting a proposal for your electives.

This manual describes how to enrol yourself in a specialisation

1. Click on Enrol in the home screen
or enter the menu bar and click on Enrol


3. You can select the specialisation you want to enrol in from the list. When you have found the right specialisation, click on the check box in front of that specialisation

4. After selecting the right specialisation, click on the green arrow to proceed

5. After checking the details of the selected specialisation, click on CONFIRM ENROLMENT

NOTE: The details of the selected specialisation are shown on the right side of the screen.

NOTE: You are now enrolled in the specialisation. On the bottom of the screen, a notification is given that you're successfully enrolled for the specialisation. Do note that you need to separately enrol for the individual courses within the specialisation. For more information on how to enrol in a course, see the manual How can I enrol in a course?
TIP: A confirmation of your enrolment can also be found in SHOW MY ENROLMENTS (How can I find the courses, tests or specialisation where I am enrolled in?) or in your messages.